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About Us

SD Reliance Management is more than just a simple billing and IT service:

We’re more time for your staff to focus on productivity and filling your schedule. We’re steady cash flow. We’re accountability. We’re security. We’re a team, dedicated to your success . You provide excellent dental care — shouldn’t you also have excellent billing and IT support?

SD Reliance Dental IT Support Roseville, CA
Dental Office IT Support Roseville, CA
Dental Office IT Solutions Roseville, CA SD Reliance
Dennis Krohn, Jr., Owner
SD Reliance Dental Support Team Roseville, CA

Dennis has had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age: he started working on computers with his father when he was 14 years old, and started his first company when he was 18. He’s had 23 years in general IT, and 20+ years of Dental specific IT experience. Dennis loves the ever changing landscaping of the technology and creating new ways of providing innovative, safe, and accessible for clients.

Dennis’ passion is spending time with his family and being a dad to five beautiful children – Bradley, Laila, Ethan, Dylan, and Jack. Dennis is an avid sports fan; he is a huge Oakland A's fan, and he enjoys playing softball and coaching his boys in baseball.

Sara Baker, Owner
Dental Billing Experts Roseville, CA SD Reliance

Sara was born and raised in West Sacramento, CA. She attended UC Santa Barbara: studied hard, had a late-night radio program, and paid an exorbitant amount in rent. Meanwhile, she began working for Dr. J. Michael Thompson, DDS in Goleta… and who would have known, she ended up loving it. She assisted, sterilized and worked the back and front office for three years until shifting her full career to Dental Billing and Collections in 2006. She and Dennis started SD Reliance in 2013.

Sara loves eating, traveling, and zombies (in that order). Her favorite city in the world is Sacramento, but it’s followed in a VERY close second by New Orleans, LA. Sara also loves spending time with her husband Matt, their amazing and crazy daughters Penelope and Abigail (Penny and Abbey), and their two dogs – Seeley Booth and Liz Lemon. She drinks too much coffee, is subscribed to far too many podcasts, and would really like to help make your dental practice more profitable.

LaRae McMullen, Director of Operations
Back Office Insurance Verification Specalist SD Reliance

We are so very fortunate to have LaRae as our Director of Operations. When LaRae first came to work with SD Reliance in 2015, she had no dental background at all – but she is brilliant and quickly became one of our best and most reliable employees. LaRae is also a proud Air Force spouse and we had to say goodbye in 2016 when she and her family were deployed to Ramstein, Germany. There was a LaRae shaped spot in our company and our hearts for years…
BUT fate found her back in the US and we are so lucky to have her back with us again!


LaRae loves to travel, and during her time in Germany she was able to visit all over the continent – she can’t pick one favorite city but, when forced, she says it’s a toss-up between Amsterdam, Netherlands, Malaga, Spain, Kilkenny, Ireland or London, UK. When she’s not casually visiting Paris for the day, LaRae loves to spend time with her husband Kyle, and her children Ashlyn and Hayden. She is also an extremely talented seamstress and crafter. We are all low-key jealous of her immense talent and LOVE having her on our team.

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