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Managed IT Services

You provide excellent services to your clients and customers. Shouldn’t you also have a superior IT services?


The Services We Provide

With the ever-growing technology needs and usage of today’s business world, expansion of IT demands have been on the rise. Several businesses are now choosing to outsource their IT management services to a specialized company, like SD Reliance, for its affordability, flexibility, and freedom. This allows your business more time to focus on its core objectives without worrying about IT infrastructure or security.


SD Reliance is a managed service provider that offers a broad range of IT services such as:

Network Management & IT Support

Proactive monitoring of network and all devices on the network.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We setup an hourly backup on your systems to prevent lost data. In case of a disaster we send those offsite as well. For an on premise recovery we can usually have you up and running within the hour.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

We install agents on all your computers to keep them running and up to date as well as monitor for issues such as drive space, services started?, etc…

Custom Tailored IT Management

Whatever your needs are we can create a custom plan for your needs! We also specialize in creating online help desk systems to create and manage tickets.

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