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Insurance Eligibility & Verification

The value in having a partner like us in helping your practice navigate the world of insurance is tremendous. Learn more about our two step verification service than was designed to be used in real dental offices across the country.

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The Value We Provide

Patients are not typically upset because they have a bill – dentistry costs money, and most patients understand that. If something hurts, they want to fix it. Patients are upset when that bill is a surprise. What are the two most common instances where patients get surprise bills?

1.) When services that are going to be out of pocket are NOT collected on the date of service… only to have to be chased down later, weeks to months after the visit.

“Did I even have fluoride?”

“Doctor only spent 5 minutes looking at my mouth.”

“If I had KNOWN it wouldn’t be covered, I wouldn’t have had it done!”


(Sound familiar?)


2.) Estimates being off – not just by a little bit, but by a lot. Like, sometimes a lot-lot.

With most companies that offer Verification, the service is largely generic: they will contact an insurance carrier for basic eligibility information, and sometimes will fill out a generic form with certain commonly used codes, perhaps even codes that are common in your office. Now, this can be useful… but do you know what we like to say? “it’s only useful if it’s USED.”

We have developed an Insurance Verification Service that is meant to be used by a real, working dental office. It is designed to address both of those specific “surprise bill” issues:

We will tell your staff what they need to know to accurately collect the co-pay. No more guessing, no more researching, no more letting money walk out the door!

AND: with our two step verification process, we are not verifying a set of codes that you might or might not be doing today, or might or might not be denied due to frequency or history… we check the specific treatment that YOU are providing to your patient: the tooth #s, histories, code compatibility, etc. We can set you up for the most accurate estimate possible, so that your staff feels confident to collect today.

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