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Transition Services

Transition in or out of a practice is no small feat and is one of the most important processes of your career that you need to get right. Find out how we can help you whether you are buying or selling a practice.

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The Expertise We Provide

Are you thinking about selling your practice? Buying a new practice? Bringing on a new doctor into your existing office?
During these processes, there is so much administrative and legal things to consider… but an often overlooked aspect of these events is what will happen to the practical, daily billing. What changes need to be made in your software, and when? What about the TIN? What do to say to insurance carriers – what will your claims and cashflow look like on Day 1? Day 10? Day 30?


We know what questions to ask BEFORE you (or any lawyers or consultants) know to ask them… because we have practical, daily billing experience. And unfortunately, if a solid billing plan for your transition is not implemented early and consistently, these questions only become apparent when there is a problem… which can lead to resentment, confusion, and a positive situation turning negative.

Our team has assisted in many transitions, and we know how to navigate the process: let SD Reliance help make your Practice Transition smooth, peaceful, and profitable. We’d love to tell you how.

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