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What do you do?

We are a full service, outsourced Billing Department. Our goal is to give your staff back TIME. Time to fill your schedule, time to sell and explain treatment plans, time to create an excellent patient experience. From verifying eligibility and insurance, to seeing your claims through from submission to finalization (and everything in between), to maintaining a consistent statement process to keep your Patient AR low… we want your staff to concentrate fully on keeping your production high, while we keep your cashflow steady.

What can you do for my office?

We have a solution to practically ANY of your insurance or collection needs. 

  • Stop letting your money walk out the door. With our Insurance Verification Services, we will verify all appointments for eligibility and benefits and make explicit notes in appointments so you staff knows exactly what to collect. 

  • In a busy office, the Insurance aging report is one of the first things to go by the wayside, and can quickly set off a chain reaction in your cashflow. With our Insurance Billing Services, we will submit and follow up on all claims, making sure that your insurance claims (and more importantly, your payments!) are finalizing quickly and consistently.

  • An active, current AR is vital to a practice’s financial success, yet so many offices lost money by letting balances just get older and older. That’s your money sitting there! Through our Patient AR Services, we will design a collections process to suit your office’s standards and priorities, and di persistent, professional follow up on all of your outstanding balances.

  • We provide proactive, secure IT support for your office. We are available whenever you need help, and even times when you don’t even KNOW you needed help – we already fixed it! We provide a backup to your software that, if something catastrophic happens, you could be back up and providing treatment within 15 minutes. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about your technology anymore? 

  • Are you thinking about buying a practice (or another practice)? Selling your practice? Bringing on a partner into your existing practice? We have witnessed many transitions where certain (or any) billing issues were considered until issues have arisen. We offer Practice Sale & Transition Assistance to help make the billing aspect of your sale, purchase, or new partnership as seamless as possible.

How does this all work?
  • For billing and verification services: starting is super easy - our team will connect with you and your staff and get everything set up, ASAP. We are able to access your system using a safe VPN connection. Once we are securely connected, we can start collecting your money! We run reports within your software to identify insurance claims that need to be researched and what accounts are past due. As soon as we have access to the schedule, we can start providing insurance eligibility and treatment verification ASAP! We will provide detailed notes for you

  • For IT support: We will proactively monitor and manage your dental practice. What does that mean? You will NOT need to worry about your computers – we catch most issues before you even know about them. We install agents on your computers so we can remote in and fix anything you need, ASAP. Printer won’t work? We’ve got that covered. Is one of your operatories not working? We can figure it out. Attack on your computer? Our anti-ransomware already found it and took care of it, before it’s even a problem. You are COVERED.

What if I am only interested in one service? Do I need to sign up for everything?

Absolutely not! Your practice doesn’t fit in a box, and neither do our services. You are welcome to sign up for all or just one service to suit whatever needs to have. We are always here for any additional support you might need in the future!

Why should we choose you?

Sara and Dennis, the co-founders of SD Reliance, are both extremely proud of the services their company has to offer, and so very proud and grateful for the entire team. 

  • Personalized service: We’re not a big, faceless corporate robot. Your office is unique and important, and we treat you as such.

  • Comprehensive support: You can avoid replacing or hiring an employee to handle collections or appointment verification (which is just awful, right?)

  • No training needed: We are ready to go on day one 

  • Stability and self-sufficiency: No need for time off, no management, no worry about employee turnover. 

  • Consistent service: State and office closures do not affect us one bit

Resources: Your office is taken care of by an entire team

And honestly? We’re really good. We know what we’re doing. We know how to get your money, quickly and consistently and we would love to work for you and with you!

Will this save me money?

Definitely. We can handle so much more than one or two employees in office – with good reason. Your employees need to concentrate on your patients and their experience, that do NOT have time to sit on hold with an insurance carrier for 2 hours. We can replace one to two positions (or more), or provide needed backup for a busy front office, for less than you might spend on a full time employee (and all of the overhead that comes with them).

Will this MAKE me money?

Undoubtedly. Most dental offices have NO idea how much money they are leaving on the table or walking out the door. Every day, there are possibly dozens of claims that get older because your staff just doesn’t have the time to research it… that’s your money. Every day, there are account balances that go unpaid because patients have questions and who from your staff has time to research and audit multiple accounts? That’s YOUR money! In-office patient portions are only a portion of your total collections. We can make sure that your insurance claims and follow up on and paid quickly, and that your account balances are constantly worked and paid.

How do we contact you?

We have an awesome “contact us” feature on this website – please let us know a little bit about what is going on, and someone will get back to you ASAP about how we can help. Or, give us a call! 916-367-4252. Again, we are not a big faceless corporation – you will be able to speak with one of our owners and have a detailed conversation about our services.

How long have you been doing this?

Sara Baker and Dennis Krohn Jr started SD Reliance Management, Inc in 2013. Sara started her career in dentistry while in college, in 2002, working for Dr. J. Michael Thompson DDS in Goleta, CA. She has been working in an outsourced billing department capacity since 2006. Dennis has been an entrepreneur his entire life: he started a business with his father when he was 15, DDK Communications. He has been providing support to dental offices for over 20 years.

Together, Sara and Dennis have built a company based on hard work, open communication, and a strong, loyal, skilled team. We love what we do!

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