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Dental Billing

You provide excellent patient care. Shouldn’t you also have a superior billing service?

Dental Office Support Experts SD Reliance

The Services We Provide

A Dedicated Team

With SD Reliance, you have the benefit and support of our entire team. That means there are
several people ensuring your office is constantly set up for success! With knowledgeable billing
specialists working on your accounts, you will never have a billing question go unanswered.
Questions on the status of a claim? Need help understanding an account? Our team is constantly
there, whenever you need support. Rest assured that if one of us is out sick or on vacation you won't
even notice as we always have a team working for you.

Patient Payments & Accounts

Patient Payments and Patient Accounts

Our staff is highly experienced when it comes to dental billing and account issues. You can relax knowing that your patients’ accounts are in excellent hands as we correctly post payments, research billing questions, and discuss financial arrangements and options (to your specifications, of course!)

Every patient is a priority, every time.

Insurance Services

We all know what a joy dealing with insurance companies is, right? Insurance issues are complicated, time consuming, and just plain tedious. Let SD Reliance Management take the headache out of getting your insurance payments.

How frustrating is it to sit on hold with an insurance carrier to ask about claim status? Let us do it! Every single claim over 30 days old is addressed by your billing department. Say goodbye to hold music!

Our billing professionals will handle every payment from insurance… and yes, that includes those 20+ page Delta checks! Insurance payments are applied accurately and quickly, without any additional stress to your front office. As a bonus, we will scan each and every Explanation of Benefits to .pdf format for easy access and reference. No more filing.

In fact, why don’t you let our billing department take care of all insurance appeals, resubmittals, inquiries, and requests for more information. Seriously. NO more dealing with insurance claims at all. You concentrate on the production, we deal with the bureaucracy. Think about it: How much time do you think that could save your staff? Time perhaps that could be used filling your schedule, confirming tomorrow’s appointments, or simply providing an excellent, personal office experience for your patients?

Timely claims submission is key to steady collections. Our billing specialist is highly knowledgeable to what the insurance carriers need, and will send all of your claims with all necessary documentation (narratives, x-rays, periodontal charting, etc.) for the fastest claim turn around time.

Insurance Services

Accounts Receivable: ‘The Silent Killer’

In a busy dental office, there are a thousand things vying for your staff’s attention, and the thing that so often gets pushed aside just happens to also be the most vital to clean, current accounting: your Accounts Receivable.

We will send your monthly statements, with customized notes, due dates, and much more.

We customize a collections process based on your unique office and specifications: balance reminder letters, follow up phone calls, and professional, tested letters, personalized to each situation. Your patients are treated like individuals, not dollar signs.

Accounts Receivable

Office & Client Support

We can also provide feedback and support to improve your in-office processes such as patient intake, signing necessary documentation, presenting insurance estimates, and more.

We keep an eye on all postings, adjustments, payments, etc. which is helpful in making sure the whole team is accurate, thorough, and consistent.

Office Support
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